Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's on my needles and in my teacup?

I have quite a few projects going, and some days I just don't get to any of them, so I thought that if I posted my progress, it might help me to get a few things accomplished!
Currently I have some very cute 2x2 rib socks going for my granddaughter Rowan who has the cutest little chubby legs and has a hard time wearing socks because they strangle her ankles! Her mama and daddy like green, so I'm making them a light two tone green. I keep trying to upload a photo of them, but am frustrated to find that I have forgotten how, or it just isn't working right. I also have the rest of a bump of natural brown Icelandic wool roving that I spun Tasha Tudor's shawl out of, that I need to spin up. I have discovered that I have just 3 bobbins to do my spinning and plying on, and if I make the mistake of spinning two different wools, I have to wind one off onto a temporary bobbin by hand in order for me to ply efficiently, with two bobbins full of the other wool. So I am anxious to finish spinning this wool so I can start another! I have several other breeds of sheep's roving I want to try out, including Wensleydale, CVM, and Corriedale. I also have bags and bags of sheep wool that is waiting in the wings to be washed, and then carded. I'm going to try blending it with some of my friend Sonja's mohair. Very excited about that!
Nothing is done with out my companion cup of tea. Lately, my favorite find is Bewley's Dublin Morning Tea, which steeps beautifully into the same warm brown that I have been spinning. And it is a deep, full-bodied tea that goes perfectly with turbinado sugar and milk. I give a big sigh when I have my first cup in the morning. Bewley's Dublin Morning Tea is a lovely everyday tea. I picked it up at my lys Churchmouse Yarns and Tea. Thank you John!