Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Hens and Chicks"

I have been frustrated that because our house didn't sell, that I am limited to the 1/2 acre suburban lot that we are on. I can't have livestock, not even chickens because we have the neighborhood wellhouse on our property. I dream of a day that I can have some laying hens, broilers for my freezer, and a fiber flock of colored angora goats, sheep, a few milk goats, and a horse for my daughter.
Today while visiting the Kingston Arts Fair, I came upon a vendor selling these! Not quite the same thing, but I couldn't resist! These little succulents are so darling, and it was a ball to assemble a little collection of them. "Hens and Chicks" are just the right kind of plant for me. I can put them in the sun and neglect them, and they'll still multiply happily in their container!