Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Knitting Cables

Last time I told you about some of the projects I have going. I finished Rowan's socks and they will fit perfectly soon! In the meantime I haven't done much spinning, so the cabled scarf is still waiting for me to finish the Icelandic wool so that I can spin up more of the wool that I am spinning from a fleece I acquired. I'm washing that in bits and spinning it from the lock since it's all so neatly lined up. I really dislike carding by hand, so that eliminates that step.
I started another knitting project out of my handspun that has been sitting around. Two dear friends are going through cancer treatment right now, so I was inspired to knit a hat, in case one of them might be in need of one. I had picked up this pattern at my LYS by Jared Flood, that is meant for his yarn that looks like handspun, so I have substituted my own handspun! I'm using this beautiful heathery grey/brown BFL (Bluefaced Leicester). It is so soft, perfect to go against the skin. I tarted this project at home, but brought it with me on my 3 day trip to San Francisco with my buddy Barbara. She needed help getting stated on a project, so I thought the hat would be a nice little pattern to work on while we drank tea and sat by the fire in our little boutique hotel. What I have learned is that this pattern takes alot of attention and concentration. I like pattern, but there is no getting in a real rhythm with this. So, the only solution is just to really pay attention. I'm very happy with how it's turning out, as it's only my 3rd cable project, and my second hat. May it bless and bring comfort to the recipient.