Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Butterfly Kisses

There is just nothing quite as sweet as little ones that want to give kisses. My sweet little Charlotte sits here on my lap as I type and grabs my cheeks with her chubby little hand and kisses me. I try to memorize these moments, as I know that they are fleeting. I know that I had these kind of moments with my older children when they were little, but it is so hard to remember specifically. I have been supplied with a little one every two or so years, and for a while I took it for granted that that was my life, but now that I am 41, I realize that it isn't so. Twenty years of parenting is gone, and that is about all I have left before my little Autumn is out in the world on her own too. I hear parents complain about how little sleep they are getting, or how little time they have to themselves and I just want to yell " It's such a short time of your life! Enjoy it, savor it, cherish it - it is over before you can blink!" All I have to do is look over at my 17 year old, six foot two son Kellen and know that he is too big for my lap anymore! As much as I can look back at the photos, watching them grow goes so gradually that you don't really remember them at certain stages. Wish I had a photographic memory. We haven't been the best picture takers over the years. Now that we have more children taking photos, it is really helping. Do you think that there is any chance that my grandchildren will give butterfly kisses?

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Melissa said...

You are absolutely sweet. I know EXACTLY how you feel...esp. when I look at our wee ones. It's going way too fast.