Friday, December 10, 2004

Birth is a miracle everytime I witness it!

I just came home from the birth of 10 lb. 1 1/2 oz. Baby Swolley. (She doesn't have a name yet, as Mom and Dad need to get to know her better first. ) What a privaledge it is to observe the forming of a new family when a new baby is born. This baby was the first to this new couple, and I assisted them as their doula. My midwife recommended me since I have worked with her before and also because I am local to this couple. What a wonderful homebirth for a first time mom. It is always amazing to witness the strength that the Lord had built into a woman's body to give birth. It is especially a blessing to see a young couple trust in Jesus for their family, and to see them rest in His power to walk them through every contraction. What tender moments that they had as a couple. He found new respect for his wife and her strength, she rested in the strength that she saw in him as he supported her, and then to watch them both fall in love with their new baby is just magic! I would never call what I do, work...
Congratulations to the Swolley family! She is absolutely beautiful!

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melissa said...

What a sweet post. We had our last four at home with a midwife and I'd not change it for the world. How super for you to be used as a doula...are you glowing!??! :)